I wanted to create a quick reference guide to the centres in the Body Graph and their themes. So that when you are new to Human Design and are looking at your chart, you can see at-a-glance the types of things to consider when experimenting with your particular centre definitions.

First thing to note is that I have changed the colours on the centres from the ones that Ra specified for the bodygraph. This is not meant to be disrespectful to the way that he was guided to create the bodygraph. Rather it is intended to be helpful to people who already have an education in the Hindu Chakra centres - because two of the 7 centres in that tradition have 'split' in the Human Design system. The colours help to demonstrate which those are (Solar Plexus/Spleen & Heart/G.).

The way to use these diagrams is to see which energies you have consistent access to (Defined) and which energies you have picked up from other people and are possibly amplifying, and can therefore let go when you are alone again (Undefined).

Here are the general types of energy themes represented by Defined (coloured-in) centres...

And here are the "not-self' themes of the Undefined (not coloured in/white) centres...

I hope you find this helpful.

With love