What is this course for?

The Human Design experiment is way more than just knowing the information of our chart. We need to live it. To do this it helps to know…

  • WHAT is the system for?
  • The WHY of Strategy & Authority?
  • The practicalities of HOW we apply the information?
  • HOW can we decondition from the ‘not-self’?

Join me to Re-explore the fundamentals through a new lens. Suitable for beginners and those who have been working with Human Design for a while.

Aura interactions

“How does my aura Type function in the world?” and “What is the purpose of Strategy & Authority?” We will explore what Human Design teaches about the mechanics of your energy body and the way that it interacts with other people and the ‘universe’. This is foundational information, but also pretty deep too!

Deconditioning #1

All of us are living deeply in the Maya, the Not-Self, the conditioned program. When we come to Human Design, we get a blueprint for how we could potentially live in the world with minimal resistance. That process starts with experimenting with S&A, the next job is to become profoundly aware of our unskilful conditioning & start to let it go.

Deconditioning #2

It’s a big subject, so it’s going to take two sessions! We'll look at each of the centres in the bodygraph and the types of 'not-self' conditioning that might be unconsciously influencing us.

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