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I really love spending time with people over a number of weeks, months & years, to help them move towards a deeper understanding of themselves & a more truthful & beautiful expression of life.

I have found immense benefit from working 1-2-1 with my mentors and teachers, and hope to share some of what I have learned to help you in your exploration of living an enjoyable human life.

As part of my personal journey in 'Doing the work', I have experience in questioning, re-learning and re-patterning unskilful inherited conditioning. I'm sharing from a place of personal exploration as a friend & mentor.

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Finding a common language

If you are into, or curious about, Human Design we can use your birth chart as a platform to investigate where you're operating at your potential and where you might be carrying limiting beliefs and energetic conditioning.

If you don't resonate with Human Design we can explore your situation using other language. I might reference yogic or buddhist teachings if you are into that, or modern neuroscience and behavioural language, or perhaps poetry and mystical teachings. We might even talk like two 'normal' people!

I will do my best to adapt the descriptors I use for maximum resonance so that we are using a mutually resonant world-view to explore your challenges in life.

What can 1-2-1s help me with?

We might explore topics such as ...

 - What it means to live as yourself

 - How you might reduce stress and resistance in your life

- Personalised practices like yoga, meditation, breath-work etc to support your energy

 - How you might to relate better to self and others, work and life in general

- Support and guidance while doing 'shadow-work'

Or anything else we mutually agree to explore…

My trainings

I have many 1000s of hours of study time with my teachers for Yoga & Meditation training, as well as several formal yoga teacher trainings, which formed the platform for my self-enquiry.

I have Reiki trainings in two modalities (Angelic & Usui to Master level).

I had been self-studying Human Design for five years when I took the Mastermind training with Emma Dunwoody (The Human Design Coach). I wanted a mentor who also delivered real and lasting change in people's lives. Emma is a deeply skilled, experienced and qualified behavioural coach & I have learned my coaching skills from her.

I have since studied Living Your Design, Rave ABCs and Rave Cartography (the three fundamental IHDS trainings) with Amy & John at The Human Design Collective. They are phenomenally knowledgable Human Design guides in the traditional teachings of Ra Uru Hu.

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If you would like to ask anything before booking, please fill out the form below and I'll be in touch to discuss our working together. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule my appointment?

Upon purchasing, you'll be asked to create an account login (if you haven't already got one). This will bring you to the online portal, where we can discuss the practicalities of meeting at a time that suits us both.

Can I book more than one session?

Of course! I have structured the pricing in two ways...

1 - ad hoc sessions whenever you need a bit of guidance if you like a fluid arrangement.

2 - a pre-booked block of 4 sessions to give you some structure and accountability, if that works better for you.

Can I get a refund?

If we can't go ahead with our session for any reason and I have not already done any work for it, then yes. I will refund you, minus any charges from my/your bank and deduct 20% for admin costs/time at my end.