“A user-manual for your life”

Human Design is a profoundly revealing system of self-awareness and empowerment. A synthesis of Astrology, the I-ching, Chakra system and the Kabbalah, Human Design reveals our uniqueness, and shows us how to navigate the world and our relationships with others.

Despite years of yoga, meditation and all manner of other therapeutic and healing modalities, it wasn’t until I discovered Human Design that I was able to fall deeply in love with the being that I am, not the one I’ve been trying to be to fit in! 

Personal Readings

Let's uncover your unique magic together.

Human Design First Steps Beginners
First Steps

If you’re new to Human Design, I recommend a ‘First Steps’ session, to introduce you to the system and show you the foundational aspects of your chart.. your Type, Strategy & Authority, Profile & Definition. In other words your personal energetic makeup, how to interact with the world and how to make decisions that are correct for you.

PDF + 1 hour call @ £60

Human Design Deep Dive Unpack
Deep Dive

Recommended after the initial First Steps session, we will look deep into your personal chart. You’ll learn about your ‘not-self’ conditioning, your energetic definition or receptivity in all 9 centres, plus channels, planetary gate activations and circuits. All the elements that make up your uniqueness. See yourself in a new light and give yourself full permission to be completely and unapologetically you.

PDF + 2 hour call @ £140

Human Design Kids
Little People

Human Design offers a unique opportunity to raise a child as themselves. Knowing how they’re designed to sleep, digest, learn, interact, and about their natural ebbs and flows of energy is such a gift. A child is already a perfect unique, spontaneous expression of life, we just need to learn how to support them in blossoming.

PDF + 1 hour call @ £60

Human Design harmony at home
Harmony at Home

Knowing and respecting the people we live with is essential for Harmony at Home. Understanding each person’s uniqueness is invaluable for loving communication. When we look at Composite charts (who you are when together) we can discover what magnetises your relationship, areas in life where you need to compromise, or are dominant. Which types of energy each of you is either broadcasting, or receiving and amplifying and so much more.

2 hr call for two people @ £150

Human Design Coaching
Coaching & Support

I also offer Mentorship & coaching. We can use your Human Design as a platform, but not obligatory. You might know your design, but feel you need some ongoing support to integrate it into your life, have accountability or get clarity on a particular issue. We use HD and other tools to work through stuck beliefs, behaviours & energies.

Ad hoc 1 hr @ £50

4 x 1hr sessions @170


Human Design Birth Time
Birth Time Investigation

No birth time, No problem! I will explore all the possible options for you on your day of birth, produce a report and then we can meet to discuss which aspects you resonate most with.

If you are an HD analyst and just want the report without the chat – there’s a price for that too.

Data, PDF & Chat @ £70

Data & PDF only @ £50

What's Included?

You will receive a PDF document of your chart and my analysis, to read through before the Live call.

Then we will arrange a Live call which will take place over Zoom. A recording of the session will be made available for you to download to refer back to.

We will need a birth date, place and time (as accurate as you can possibly get it) to get an accurate chart for each person. If we don’t have an accurate birth time we will need to do a Birth Time Investigation first. (see below)

Human Design reading pdf

About My Human Design

I am a Splenic Authority, non-energy Projector, 5/1 profile and Left Angle Incarnation Cross of the Clarion.

I am here to intuitively guide and advise others to achieve their highest potential.

I’m here to deliver deep, skilful, problem-solving, backed up by logical structure from line 5 and 16-48, all delivered with authority you can trust from 7-31. I offer access to the foundational knowledge of my line 1, through years of Human Design study, and the detail of my 62 to dive into the minutia of your chart, that you maybe can’t access alone.

My 61 will help you to ask questions about your inner truth and offer you deep self-acceptance (tone 6 perspective). I will offer to share sharp intuitive insights with gentle humour through the 51 and 57 in combination.

So I bring structure, insights, self-reflective questions, detail, problem-solving, acceptance, clarity, truth.